By- og regionuka i Brussel (EWRC) 2019. Sett av 7. til 10. oktober!

Brussels største kunnskapsdelingsfestival, European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC), har publisert en oversikt over årets seminarer og arrangementer. For å gjøre det lett for våre medlemmer har Trøndelags Europakontor laget et “løypekart” over de seminarene vi mener er mest relevante. Arrangementene er deretter sortert etter tematikk.

Vi ber dere sette av de aktuelle datoene og sikte dere inn mot ulike arrangementer. Mer informasjon om innledere, eksakte tidspunkt og påmelding kommer utover sommeren! En egen artikkel med våre arrangementer under årets EWRC kommer snart.

Offentlige tjenester

·       Co-creation of Public Services: Challenges and Opportunities

·       The importance of developing better basic services for the less populated areas

·       3 activities to help you improve your regional policies


·       Circular Economy as a strategy for cities and regions

·       Fighting food waste while boosting local economic activity

Kulturarv, tradisjon og turisme

·       Developing an intangible cultural history asset to drive rural tourism

·       European Capitals of Culture – regional development and culture

·       The adaptive re-use of our built heritage for a greener Europe  

·       Comprehensive planning for a sustainable development based on culture & heritage


·       EEA and Norway Grants

·       Financial Instruments – shared management and InvestEU Member State Compartment

·       Horizon Dashboard Results Platform to support Member States, Regions and stakeholders to navigate through R&I programme data and results

·       Regions engaging in Horizon Europe

·       The new CEF Digital, for a cleaner, connected and smarter Europe

·       New rules for easier access to EU funds

Blå økonomi

·       Smart Specialisation in Emerging Sectors of Blue Economy Value Chains


·       Building Regional Skills Ecosystems

·       Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults Through Education – A Toolbox

FNs bærekraftsmål og Agenda 2030

·       European regions in the 2030 Agenda: towards a Community of Practice

·       Region’s role in monitoring and reporting progress on localizing the SDGs

·       The SDG Voluntary Local Reviews. Methods, data, and experiences.

Bærekraftig urban utvikling

·       Sustainable Urban development in a global perspective – what can the EU offer?

·       Sustainable Urban Regeneration – Legislation and PPP

·       UDN: How to enhance a strategic approach for sustainable urban development?

·       Wicked Problems in Cities and Regions – Can research help?

Ungdom og innbyggerinvolvering

·       Youth unemployment: Territorial trends and regional resilience

·       Regional and local involvement for green transition

Rurale områder

·       Europe Closer to citizens of Islands Mountains and Sparsely Populated Areas

·       Shrinking regions – how to foster development in depopulated areas


·       Retail & the City:Practical tips on how to revitalise and modernise small retail

·       #GoTrade – Investing in local markets as driver for our town centres

Energi og transport

·       Fuel Cell Buses: Clearing the Way for Zero Emission Transport

·       Future Urban Energy Systems: coordinated efforts for clean energy innovation

·       Cities and regions towards sustainable solutions for energy transition

·       The integration of the new mobility services in Public Transport


·       How can regions and cities use INTERREG to work together for the UN Global Goals

·       How can regions and municipalities scale up R&I investments and results?

·       Win-Win in Cross-Border Cooperation in smaller regions and cities


·       Labour market integration of migrants – challenges for the local level

·       How can we improve the EU Funds’ contribution to integration of migrants?

Bioøkonomi og natur

·       Forests and their value for regions and cities

·       BLOOM – Strengthening the public awareness of bioeconomy in EU regions

Grønne regionale løsninger  

·       Regional solutions for a greener and climate-neutral Europe.


·       JOINUP, the repository for open source IT solutions

·       Shaping our Future in Smarter Regions and Cities: Digitalisation, Jobs, Growth

Innovative innkjøp

·       Implementing Smart Specialisation in Energy through Innovation Procurement

·       Cities’ Strategic Procurement Policy – the Key to Innovation and Sustainability


·       Transforming cities into arenas for healthy ageing

Innovasjon og gode løsninger

·       Regional Innovation and the Geographical Dimension of Doing Business

·       A Macro-regional tool in the making: evidence from ESPON and inputs to post 2020


·       From dream to reality: sharing experiences from leading European Smart Cities


·       Are we ready for the next disaster? Investing in resilient regions and cities

·       Delivering disaster resilience at the local level

Oslo Green Capital

·       Oslo European Green Capital 2019

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