R & D

Mid-Norway has an active R&D environment with NTNU, HiST and HiNT, as well as Scandinavia’s largest independent research institution, SINTEF. In addition there are specialized research institutions such as BioForsk which is involved in agricultural research.

NTNU is one of the oldest universities in Norway and is the core of the educational sector in the Trøndelag region. With approximately 20 000 students, NTNU is a large university in a Norwegian context. In total there are around 30.000 students in Trondheim, divided between NTNU and Sør-Trøndelag University College (HiST), as well as other more specialized teaching institutions.

Nord University has multiple campuses in Nord-Trøndelag and offers studies in a range of disciplines. In contrast to the education institutions in Sør-Trøndelag which are mainly located in Trondheim, Nord University is decentralized. For example, the nursing education is located in Levanger and Namsos, business and management is located in Steinkjer, while the driving instructor education is situated in Stjørdal.

SINTEF is not just limited to the research environment in Mid-Norway, but is also a significant national and international actor, within fields such as renewable energy, marine technology, construction research, oil and energy.