About us

At the Mid-Norway European Office we commit ourselves to being a European competence partner for our members. We mobilize and connect our members to the European knowledge building and innovative power created through EU programs, and we contribute to new policy formulation from the EU in line with our members' wishes.

The region of Trøndelag - one of the most innovative in Europe

Trøndelag is a region in the central part of Norway. We are blessed with a rich array of agricultural, forestry and marine resources. 

The population of Trøndelag is among the highest educated in Norway. Our region’s universities, research institutes and technological companies are key suppliers of knowledge and expertise, and Trøndelag was in 2019 ranked the 15th most innovative region in Europe by the Regional Innovation Scoreboard. Furthermore, we are the region with the highest participation rate in Erasmus+ among Norwegian Counties. 

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