About us

About us

Avenue Palmerston 3, Brussel

Avenue Palmerston 3, Brussels, where our office is located

The Mid-Norway European Office connects Trøndelag and Europe. Our promise is to be a competence partner in EU/EEA-issues for our members. In particular, we assist our members in taking part in the European initiative on knowledge-building and innovation, and in influencing the shaping of new policy.

The Mid-Norway European Office connects mid-norwegian actors to European networks and expert groups in Brussels, including the EU institutions, Norway’s mission to the EU, embassies and representations from local, regional, national and international levels. The office is an “ambassador”  for Trøndelag in Brussels, which safeguards Trøndelag’s interests in central networks, and makes its members more competent in its interaction with Europe. In addition, the office will contribute to an active dialogue with its members in order to have an overview of needs and priorities towards the EU and the EEA.

The office was started as a project in 2001, and has been a permanent representation for Mid-Norway since it was reorganized into an association in 2006. Mid-Norway European Office is today a permanent representation in Brussels organized as an association with 11 members from regional businesses, public authorities and research & development actors from Trøndelag.