Organizational structure

The Mid-Norway European Office is organized as an association with its own organization number in the Brønnøysund registers. The organizations highest body is the annual general meeting. The annual general meeting elects a board for the association among representatives from the organizations members. Every member has one representative in the resource group.

Vidar Segtnan, Director

Alexander Burmo, Trainee (September 2015 – July 2016)

Line Hammeren, Trainee (January 2016 – December 2016)

Maja Haugum Svendsen, Intern (april 2016 – juli 2016)

Board members 2016/2017

  • Trude M. Nøst (NTFK) – Chairman
  • Morten Wolden (Trondheim Municipality)
  • Trond Selseth (Innherred Intermunicipal Cooperation)
  • Nina Sindre (NTNU)
  • Odd Inge Mjøen (STFK)
  • Bente Aina Ingebrigtsen (Nord University)
  • Knut Vestbø (SpareBank 1 SMN)

Resource group 

The resource group is composed by representatives from all the members of Mid-Norway European Office. These individuals are contact persons in their respective organizations. In light of the board’s prioritizations, the director and the resource group plan and execute actions under the association’s prioritized areas.

Members of the resource group 2015:

  • Kari Mette Elden, STFK
  • Sidsel Trønsdal, NTFK
  • Gerhard Dalen, Trondheim Municipality
  • Tommy Haugan, Nord University
  • Ester Hasle, NTNU
  • Reidar Buvik, SINTEF
  • Lars Nesheim, NIBIO
  • Are Rødsjø, Husbanken region Midt-Norge
  • Cecilie Hammond Spark, SMN
  • Lise Rye, NTNU
  • Øyvin Sæther, NTNU
  • Håkon Jordet, Orkdals Region
  • Anders Haraldsen, Inn-Trøndelag Region

Responsibilities of employees

Mid-Norway European Office has two permanent employees and two trainees and one intern.

The director has the overall responsibility for the operation and management of the office, as well as responsibility for finance and accounting. In addition the director has periodical stays in Trøndelag.

The European Advisor assists actors with information about the opportunities for European cooperation and participation in EU-projects, answers EU/EØS relevant inquiries, holds lectures, arranges conferences and coordinates the office’s work home in the region in cooperation with the director.

The Traineeship has a duration of 11 months. This position is reserved for recent graduates with a master’s degree. The periods of the two trainees overlap as one trainee starts in January while the other starts in September. As a trainee you have different areas of responsibility, such as partner searches, information work, organization and execution of study visits, seminar attendance, administrative tasks and representation.

During one year there are three student interns at the Mid-Norway European Office at different times; two in the spring and one in the fall. The internship is reserved for students that attend the master program European Studies at NTNU and counts for 15 ECTS. An internship lasts three months, and among the tasks are information work, organization and execution of study visits, seminar attendance, social media and the daily operation of the office.