Your partner of competence in Europe

The objective of the Mid-Norway European Office is to create growth and development in the Trøndelag region through internationalization, competence sharing, networking and utilization of the possibilities that exists in Norway’s agreements with other European countries.

The office is working on a broad specter of areas. In addition to being a partner of competence in EU/EEA-related areas for Mid-Norwegian business and civil society, we also promote the interests of Mid-Norway for relevant actors and collaborators in Europe.

In close cooperation with partners in Mid-Norway, we assist in international networking and capacity building at a European level.

Information work

  • What is the EU policy in your field of work?
  • Which regions/countries have capacities and experience within your field?
  • Which forums should you consult in order to find the right partners and information?
  • Which financing possibilities exist for developing a European project?
  • Who can assist you further?

The Mid-Norway European Office can help you find information on existing and future directives with relevance for your business or organization. Through our network in Brussels and in Mid-Norway we can help you get in touch with the relevant actors in your specific field. We also stay updated on EU/EEA-related issues through participation at relevant conferences and seminars.

Do you want information on relevant EU-programs, competence partners, knowledge clusters etc.? Contact the Mid-Norway European Office! We can assist you by using our international, national and regional contacts.

Partner search

  • Where do European actors meet in your field of research?
  • Which networks exist for your interest area?
  • Would you like assistance to find a distributor for your product in Europe?

The Mid-Norway European Office is a key to Europe, and a door opener to different European networks. We assist with partner searches for authorities and businesses that are looking for European collaborators in programs and projects. We help you find partners across borders in Europe and to establish contact with your preferred partner.

Projects and programs

  • Do you want to find European collaborators for an EU-project?
  • Do you want to know more about EU-programs?
  • Do you want expertise in the application process for an EU-project?

Participation in an EU-project gives actors excellent development- and funding possibilities that strengthens Mid-Norwegian civil society and business. The Mid-Norway European Office contributes with expertise and knowledge about EU-programs. We are actively working to lower the threshold for the use of EU-projects in regional and local development.