Climate, Environment and Energy

Mid-Norway is characterized by a strong R&D environment. Research institutions often collaborate with European actors in EU-programmes and projects, particularly in the areas of climate, environment and energy. One programme of particular importance until 2013 was the IEE-programme (Intelligent Energy Europe).  In the new programme period (2014-2020) Horizon 2020 covers this focus area.

The new research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, deals with seven major societal challenges, two of which look at energy and energy efficiency and one area dedicated to climate and environment.

Climate, environment and energy are very broad subject areas, and we try to cover the aspects that are of special interest for our members and others in the region. We particularly look at the areas of energy efficiency (including low energy buildings and smart grids) and renewable energy (including bioenergy). The office also places special emphasis on green transport and communications. Among others, the Meråker railway, and SØT cooperation with Sundsvall and Østersund in Sweden, are important things we work with.

Here at the Mid-Norway European Office we work continuously to keep up with the developments at EU level in the area of climate, environment and energy. We keep ourselves informed about the opportunities available to regional actors with the help of regional networks and information sharing.

ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) is one of our most important networks. We participate in several different working groups including the ones on energy and climate, biotechnology and innovation. These workshops offer the opportunity to discover and showcase projects and innovative solutions in the areas of energy and climate change. For more information about the possibilities that exist within ERRIN, please contact us!

Keeping up to date with the vast amount of available information on this subject is an important aspect of our job. In addition to visiting various seminars and conferences, we attend annual events such as Green Week and EUSEW. These conferences are ideal venues if you want to showcase your project or idea on energy, climate and environment. Please contact us so we can help you find the right partners. Maybe your project will represent the Mid-Norway region in upcoming events?