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Trøndelag County Council

As the supreme political body in the Trøndelag region, the County Council makes decisions on regional development and important matters and matters of principle in the region. The County Council has a special focus on education, transport, and finance. Trøndelag County Council’s goal is for Trøndelag to become climate neutral by 2030.



County Governor of Trøndelag

The County Governor of Trøndelag, as the government's representative in the region, works to further and follow up national goals and guidelines. Focusing on areas such as climate, planning and building, agriculture, and education.


Namdal Regional Council

Namdal Regional Council works to secure that the region is both a good place to live, but also an attractive region for business and tourism. The Council is an active regional force focusing on regional social development, bioeconomy, and mobility. They also work as a connection between politics, business, and other regional and state governing bodies.


Levanger kommune

Levanger Municipality

Levanger Municipality are engaging strategically in increased internationalization. The municipality seeks to develop their bio-economical understanding and are actively looking to further their participation in European projects. Other focus areas for Levanger Municipality is to protect and revitalize minority languages such as South Sàmi. In addition they are engaged in ongoing projects that aim to strengthen and develop sustainable mobility solutions.

verdal kommune

Verdal Municipality

Verdal Municipality are interested in cooperation on the topics of Innovation in the public sector, Digitalization and Citizen Empowerment. They are part of the nordic project “Attractive towns with a goal to develop the cityscape in a sustainable direction.

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Trondheim Municipality

Trondheim Municipality is the municipality in Trøndelag. As Trondheim is the technology capital of Norway, it leads the region in innovation and seeks to strengthen their innovative power in numerous areas, including Smart Development and Digitalization, Sustainable Mobility and Citizen Empowerment. The municipality’s goal is to become a leading force in developing forward-looking industries.


SpareBank 1 SMN

As Mid-Norway’s leading financial group, SpareBank 1 SMN is the largest private contributor to business development. They work actively to integrate sustainability in all areas of business and seek to become the best possible advisor and facilitator for their customers to succeed with the ‘green shift’. SpareBank 1 SMN is passionate about the development of society and new technologies.


Nord University

(campus Stjørdal, Levanger, Steinkjer, Namsos)

With strong regional bonds to Trøndelag, Nord University is looking to increase their participation in European research- and innovation projects within fields such as green growth, innovation, health, and education.


Region of Inn-Trøndelag

The region of Inn-trøndelag consists of 3 municipalities; Snåsa, Steinkjer and Inderøy.

Their goal is to increase their participation in international activities and seek to become an attractive region for business and partners in an international perspective. The region of Inntrøndelag is particularly interested in initiatives relating to Bioeconomy, Empowering citizens including revitalization of minority languages (South Sami language and culture) and Tourism.


Centre for Rural Research (Ruralis)

Ruralis is one of the leading research groups in Europe within multidisciplinary rural studies across sectors such as resource management, business development, and regional development. Ruralis wants to expand its cooperation with European research and development actors to further their position as a research institute.


Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)

NIBIO’s main research focus is on biological resources from soil, plants, forests and land. NIBIO Steinkjer is building its capacity to become a leading actor on research and knowledge in the field of circular bioeconomy.



SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations and is committed to the European Charter for Researchers. Existing for more than 70 years, SINTEF delivers innovation and solutions for society all over the world. Research areas include Renewable energy, Ocean space and Digitalization. SINTEF seeks to double their involvement in European projects.

Trondheim Havn

Trondheim Port Authority (Trondheim Havn)

Trondheim Port Authority is an intermunicipal company which operates port areas and facilitates maritime infrastructure development for 13 municipalities in Trøndelag. They are actively working towards moving freight from road to sea in an attempt to mitigate environmental damages. As an intermunicipal company they have developed logistics and transport in the region.



TrønderEnergi focuses their activities on three main areas: the production of green energy, development of forward looking energy related services, and lastly the distribution of electrical power. TrønderEnergi has been integral in developing Norway's second largest power grid and looks to position themselves close to European energy regulation to increase their participation in European energy development.

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The Falstad Centre

The Falstad Centre Foundation was established in August 2000 as a national centre for the education and documentation of the history of imprisonment during the Second World War, humanitarian international law and human rights and is one of the seven peace and human rights centers in Norway. The institution also has a rich museum collection, built up from the establishment of the first Falstad museum in 1985. From 2006, the institution has also conducted extensive work on the development of the former camp area as a memorial landscape.

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