Health is the Mid-Norway European Office’s new area of focus since 1 January 2015.

The demographic changes (the aging population) causes enormous challenges for the Norwegian healthcare system, as well as the European healthcare system. In addition, the health expenditure makes up a significant portion of the GDP of most countries. This has brought health high up on the agenda in both the EU and in Norway.

Health politics are a national affair, and every member state has responsibility to deliver health and care services to its own inhabitants. The EU’s health politics are therefore meant to complement and support the member states’ health work. The most important instrument in this work is the EU’s health program and the health related project proposals in Horizon 2020.

In Mid-Norway we are also concerned about health. Amongst our owners, SINTEF and the Faculty of Medicine at NTNU takes part in multiple European health projects. The colleges have also joined this road, and work actively to acquire more EU-financed project cooperation in areas such as health promotion and public health. We see that the topics our owners work with, coincide largely with the EU’s priorities. To meet the challenges healthcare faces, requires new ideas and innovation in the health sector. It is exactly the innovative projects which, in addition to having European added value, get support.

The government has an ambitious goal about increasing Norway’s participation in EU programmes. The Mid-Norway European Office wishes to contribute to that more Mid-Norwegian actors find the way to European cooperation projects in the fields of health.

We can contribute with:

  • Follow up on announcements about proposals in Horizon 2020 and EU’s 3rd health program.
  • Circulating project and partner searches in our European network.
  • Hook you on cooperation projects with European actors.
  • Inform you about, and report from:
    • Current health events in Brussels and in Mid-Norway.
    • Policy development in the EU.
    • ERRIN’s* health group.

*ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) is one of our most important networks. Here we are involved amongst other health groups. This is a nice arena to discover project and partner possibilities, to show our own project, or get inspired.

If you are curious about how we can work together, or wish to get more information about how you can become involved in European project cooperations, get in contact with us!